August & September 2018 Favorites

Hello, friends! Fall is in full swing and I am TOTALLY ALL IN! With every degree that the temperature goes down, I get plunged more and more into a state of autumnal bliss that can’t possibly be summed up in just a few words - I won’t even try!

Instead, here’s a few of the things that I have really enjoyed over the last couple months!

Headless Horseman Throw Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

Headless Horseman Print Throw 

August was my birthday month! I got so many amazing presents, and I was so very thankful. BUT - my very favorite thing was what my best friend gave to me: A Sleepy Hollow, Headless Horseman plush throw!!!

I originally found the print on Instagram and became obsessed with it. I promptly showed it to everyone who would appreciate it, with the bestie being at the top of that list. I have always been in love with Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and this vintage print reminds me of that cartoon movie so very much! She saw my desperation and sneakily ordered it for more. It came from Society6, and from what I understand it was a pleasant shopping experience. It is good quality and so soft! Highly recommended :)

MUR The Emily Edit The Wants Palette Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

Makeup Revolution: The Emily Edit, The Wants Eyeshadow Palette 

EmilyNoel83, from Youtube, is one of my very favorite beauty influencers. She is very down to earth and comes across so humble! She gives very honest reviews on beauty products, while also throwing in some neat themed video ideas and looks that keep things interesting on her channel. I recommend her - but I also love her new Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette! It is gorgeous, affordable, and comes from a good quality brand. Each color blends so easily and the mix of colors makes for all types of looks, from dramatic to daytime. $20 at

The Fortune Hunter Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin 

I had an unnatural attraction this past summer to learning about Empress Elizabeth of Austria - pretty sure I talked about this in my July favorites. So I’ve picked up every book I can find that includes her, and this one was great. Although the story revolves mostly around one of Empress Elizabeth’s admirers, Bay Middleton, and his fiance Charlotte Baird, it features her heavily. It is taken a lot from history, which is sorted out at the end of the book by the Author. It is very long, but I really enjoyed reading it!

Retro Monopoly Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

Retro Monopoly 

I love playing all kinds of board games, it’s one of my favorite group activities! I picked up this retro-style Monopoly at a local-ish bargain store [Ollie’s Bargain Outlet] for $10 - a steal! We played it at our monthly family dinner, and had a great time. I love the vintage feel! Cannot believe I hadn’t owned a Monopoly until now.

Metal Coasters Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

Threshold Metal Coasters

I picked these up at Target in September, and I adore them! We cannot have wooden coasters, because the dogs eventually steal them and play and chew them. They have not bothered these metal coasters at all! They are really neutral in style, and have a nice hammered feature that gives them character. They also have non-slip bottoms, which is great. Recommended!

Starbucks Cup Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

The Straw-less Cup Design At Starbucks

As much as I want to be, I am not the best recycler in the world. Good intentions, however - and it’s in my heart to take care of our planet and our wildlife. I have such an affinity for the ocean, so when I saw this summer in the news how something like 500 MILLION STRAWS are used DAILY in the United States alone, and what those straws are doing to our water sources and ocean life, I was appalled! I do try often to forgo the straws now, and only use reusable ones at home. Starbucks went next level and are planning to stop completely serving straws in their many, many stores! This is a picture of the new lid. I appreciate what they are doing, and support it 100% - it makes my heart happy to know that’s one less piece of small plastic that will find its way stuck in an animal. It is small, but small differences do add up!

BoxyCharm Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

BoxyCharm Subscription Box

Last year, I started getting the Birchbox subscription, and kept it for about 4 months. It was a monthly box of sample size beauty products, aimed at giving a chance to experience a wide variety of things at a discounted price. BoxyCharm is the same - but way more bang for your buck! For $30 a month, you get FULL SIZE products, with the total value always over $100. And I have loved so much that I’ve gotten so far over the past two months! This eyeshadow palette from Pretty Vulgar has been my favorite so far, and it’s worth more than the box with 5 products. Really excited to get my October box soon!

Sharp Objects TV Show Aug & Sep 2018 Favorites

Sharp Objects, HBO

I love bingeing a good TV show … this mini-series was amazing! It has a very unique plot, amazing acting [Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are stunning!], and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire ride. It is written by well-known author Gillian Flynn, and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who also directed Big Little Lies for HBO. If you love mysteries and/or crimes, this is a “must see”! [Although not unwatchable, it is definitely rated for adults only, just FYI!]

What things did you enjoy during the last few weeks of Summer? Let me know in the comments! :)