10 Makeup Products for Spring

I love the changing of the seasons! Each unique transition brings about new ideas, a fresh perspective, and another great reason to change up your style!

I am constantly on the lookout for makeup products I want to buy and try out. It's my favorite hobby! I love to be artistic with my makeup and reflect how I am feeling and thinking with it. Sometimes I step outside of my comfort zone, but mostly I stick to neutrals with color pops that I think look good on me. That's why I love the thoughts of "Spring makeup" so much. It feels like it can be natural mostly, but also with some illuminating features.

Although I just came off my makeup "no buy" last week [and the breaking was brutal], I'm still trying to be conscious of how much money I'm spending on makeup. Therefore, a lot of these picks are very affordable! 

Without further adieu....

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1. NYX Butter Gloss in Sunday Mimosas, $4.99

I'm not really a gloss girl - between the stickiness and the 2.5 seconds they take to come off, I haven't been able to hop on the idea of gloop on my lips. However, I've heard so many great things about the smooth, non-sticky texture of NYX butter glosses, and I do like the natural vibe that glosses can give. So I would love to give this beautiful, cool coral pink a try! 

2. Tarte Hamptons Weekend Contour Palette, $23

Designed to be a portable solution to highlighting and contouring, this does seem perfect - a warm, brightening look without the large size to travel with. Tarte is known for their incomparable powder highlights, contours and blushes. From the posh product packaging to the very Spring colors - I am definitely planning to get my hands on this! 

3. Flower Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation, $13.99

My face's skin texture changes so much between the hottest part of summer and the deep of winter. I go from a scaly, dry mess in the cold to more of an oil slick with the Kentucky humidity. So Spring and Fall end up being transition times, when my skin is more balanced. For Spring, I don't need something completely hydrating, or something full mattifying. I feel like this foundation would be a great compromise, as it gives off a natural finish and is buildable, so I can decide how much coverage that I need. Anxious to try this sometime soon!

4. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble, $6.50

I've actually had this liquid lip in my collection for quite a while, but I really wanted to include it in this list because it is truly a color made with Spring perfection in mind. Warm rose is how it is described on Ulta and Colourpop's website, and it is so spot on! I think this shade of pink perfection would look great on any skin tone. It makes a statement, but without being too bright or deep. I don't mind the Colourpop ultra matte liquid lip formula - yes they more drying than some other matte formulas I have tried, but not unbearable. Keep the valuable price in mind, the staying power of the product, and the beautiful color - it's worth every penny! 

5. Mac Prep & Prime Fix + Spray in Lavender scent, $26

I own a travel bottle of Mac fix plus and I found it does a good job for what it claims. If you don't know what Mac fix plus spray is, it's a multi-purpose facial spray that will not only prime your skin, but it can be used as a setting spray to melt your makeup onto your skin, or even as a spray applied to brushes to affix makeup [specifically eye shadow]. I haven't smelled the various scented versions they recently have released, but I want to! While I am dying for the coconut scent - I love all things coconut - I do think that the calming lavender would be a great way to bring a pop of Spring into your life, every time you apply your makeup! 

6. Makeup Revolution x Sophx Ultra Eyeshadow Palette, $15

I had the privilege of swatching this in person at Ulta, and I was super impressed and so tempted to buy it. However, I am already drowning in eyeshadow palettes, so I figured I needed to think about it a little bit more. But just look at those colors! You have plenty of neutrals, but also bright pops of purple and green. There's warm, there's cool, there's shimmer, there's mattes ... it's all you need to create Spring perfection! [can you tell eyeshadow is my favorite?!] 

7. Ulta Blush Palette in Peach Pop, $18

How much more picture perfect of Spring can blush get?! There's lots of finishes going on here, both shimmer and mattes, cool and warm. Like the Makeup Revolution palette mentioned above, it's got all the variety you could want! The mattes applied on the apples of the cheeks could give a super natural flush, while I think a couple of the more shimmer shades could double as a highlighter on medium or dark toned skin. This is currently out of stock online, but there were a few left in my nearest Ulta store last week! 

8. Cargo Swimmables Eye Liner in various shades, $18

It's been my consensus, with all the makeup research and watching that I do on a regular basis, that eyeliner is really a personal choice. While I prefer a stiff-pointed, precise matte black liquid gel liner [this is the one I use] above all else, some people would rather have a pencil liner. Having all this in mind, I gravitated toward this cargo eyeliner because of it's waterproof stability. I know, most people don't wear makeup for water activities, and usually I don't either. But as Spring get into full run, and the allergies or high winds start making your eyes water as you spend more time outdoors, you will thank yourself! I have actually used this eye liner in sample size last year, and while I would never use it on the regular because I don't prefer the liner's tip, it did what it claimed to do - it stayed true to color, applied relatively easily, and was by all accounts waterproof. So if you ever need to wear eyeliner for a late Spring dip in the pool - here you go! 

9. Becca Limited Edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Lilac Geode, $38

This is the highest priced product on this list, and while I get that it might be difficult to pay this much for a highlighter, hear me out! I have had a couple of Becca's pressed shimmering skin perfectors in the past, and they are incomparable to any other highlighter I've ever tried. Also, they last FOREVER! They can be applied lightly, boldly, whatever your prefer. The formula is creamy without being liquid, it doesn't emphasize texture, it stays true to color, lasting all day long without fail. The formula is, without question, the best powdered highlighter I've ever owned! This lilac shade, described as a cool pink with gold pearl finish, is so appropriate for the season at hand. When I swatched it in store, it gave off more of a lavender vibe, which I think would look gorgeous for a more fair skin tone like my own. I do plan to buy this if I somehow can save for it! 

10. Physician's Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer, $12.99 

I wish I could remember exactly who, but I saw one of my favorite Youtube makeup reviewers try this out, and I was super impressed by the swatches! From what I've saw, this would be a great affordable dupe to my beloved [but expensive!] Becca Backlight Priming Filter, which I always recommend if prompted. Anything illuminating would be great for Spring, as you want to add some fresh life back into your makeup look! 

As a bonus, here is a beautiful, Spring-y makeup bag I'm eyeing!

tartan & twine Chambray Travel Makeup Organizer Light Blue Stripe.jpg

Tartan & Twine Chambray Travel Makeup Organizer

I mean, how cute is this?! Everyone needs a nice makeup bag to make themselves excited to dig in. This one just looks like Spring and Summer to me! 

So there are my picks! Do you have any Spring makeup suggestions? I would LOVE to hear them in the comments!