February 2018 Favorites

AHHH - do you feel Spring around the corner?!

If you know me personally, you know that I am #teamsnow. Always have been, and probably always will be. No, I don't like to drive around in it, but not too much brings me happier feelings than being legitimately snowed in! Alas, it was not to be this year. February in my part of Kentucky was not only snow free, it was mostly warm and rainy. Some days, though - I have secretly enjoyed the small taste of the new season to come! [shhh, don't tell!] Embracing what I cannot control, maybe? But it feels good. Springs brings new hope and brightness, and true cheerfulness! 

Gus feels Spring in the air! :) 

Gus feels Spring in the air! :) 

February was a big month for me. Sad and joyful. Regretful and redeeming. So much like life totally is. As evidenced by my posts, I finished my first ever round of Whole30 [yes, there will be more rounds in the future!], and it went amazingly! Besides a few days of sickness and the initial "can't shake the headache" few days of sugar-free life, I could not have asked for a better experience - in the end, anyway. Be sure to scroll through the posts, if you haven't yet and are so inclined! 

I have been trying very hard to work on formidable goals, related to my life audit that I did in January, and also those little goals I set for myself in last month's favorites. I have pushed myself to blog more, thanks to the Whole30, and also came up with a lot of ideas for future posts. I did purge half of my kitchen cabinets at least, and that was very nice! I will finish the next half during March, I am determined! I did not end up attending that local market that my sister and I were slated to attend - we were both sick. They are holding another one in late June, and I'm determined to go to it! 

My favorite magnet that is on my fridge! 

My favorite magnet that is on my fridge! 

My church and family suffered the loss of a special loved one, who had been sick for quite a while from persistent cancer. She was one of - if not the most - classiest, loveliest ladies I had ever known, inside and out! She taught me a lot about loving God, and being strong in faith and hope. I adored her sassy personality, and the way she was able to connect with people so honestly, with effortless love that so many people don't have. She played the piano so beautifully. She was always there when needed. I was so blessed to know her, be loved by her, and to have her as one of the many amazing women that have been placed in my life, to show me how to live and love. [Yes, I'm not crying, you're crying!] At any rate, she is at home now, and better off than any of us. Of that I have no doubt. 

She was so fun! Love you, Fran! 

She was so fun! Love you, Fran! 

Honestly, I did not have a lot of new favorites this month. I have been trying to save money in 2018, and not do a lot of casual shopping - which is really one of my vices! I have particularly been on a self-imposed "makeup no buy", minus essentials that I actually run out of. And even then, I replace it with drugstore products!

So here is my meager list of "new-to-me" things I have enjoyed during the past 28 days....


The 2018 Winter Olympics

I thought I was only there for the figure skating, tbh. But then somehow I became hooked to snowboarding and I don't know - now I just want to be an Olympian?! It was so fun watching the competitions at night, while I was relaxing. I loved rooting for team USA. I can't say I will exactly miss it, now that it's over - but I am glad I decided to participate from the recliner! 


Whole 30 Non-Scale Victories

Ah, my favorite of all the favorites this month, for sure! The Whole30 basically took up the bulk of my life this month, and the results were so worth it! If you want to know all about how I was feeling and what happened to me, read up on my Whole30 recap series! 


John Freida Daily Spray Dream Curls

I ended up getting my hair cut just a few days ago, but before that, at an inch or so longer, I was letting my natural curls come to life on a daily basis. In an attempt to tame the frizz and keep things soft, I bought this spray. It ended up being a wonderful investment! I was even able to partially dry my hair with a hairdryer on warm heat, and then let it dry the rest of the way - and soft, defined curls would be abundant! It was amazing, and will definitely keep using this in any future hair curl endeavors!  

the body shop vitamin e moisture cream.jpg

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer

I've had this for quite a while, from before Christmas, and I had bought it at TJ Maxx. I wasn't quite as dry then on my face, and thought it was sort of greasy. But as the continued heat required of January got to me, I started using a lesser amount of the product on the regular. It soaked in so well! Eventually, I have grown to love it. 72 hours of hydration is a claim I cannot confirm is true - but it does keep my face hydrated under my makeup during an entire day. I would only recommend this for very dry skin! 

philosophy pure grace nude rose February favorites a cheerful life blog

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose

I have been obsessed with this since last month when I received a sample of it in my Ulta magazine! I have previously had the Philosophy Amazing Grace, which I loved [and Travis hated], but I've never smelled the original Pure Grace, so I can't compare it exactly. But the Pure Grace Nude Rose perfume to me is distinctly Spring! It smells somewhat like fresh bloomed flowers, but with an air of woodsy warmth. While I usually gravitate towards candy sweet or fruity scents, this is not what I'm used to. But, I'm definitely loving it. I bought this set from Macy's as my reward to myself for completing the Whole30! 

planner case February favorites a cheerful life blog

Planner Case

I have been promising an Erin Condren planning post for MONTHS now, but I'm just going to be honest - I'm not the best at using it like I should! But I've really upped the ante this past month and have been breaking it out regularly. Half of the fun to me is decorating it - so I bought this really pretty planner case when it was half off at Hobby Lobby to house all my stickers [which I buy at the clearance section from HL - they aren't erin condren, but they are cute, and they always have some!] and washi tape [also clearance!]. So really, I don't use it for its intended purpose, but it works perfectly. I lumped this in with my perfume for my Whole30 completion gift :) 

See? Short and sweet! maybe March will be more "favorable"! [haha, I crack myself up]

My new goals for March:

  • Finish purging my kitchen cabinets
  • Create a spring cleaning checklist for April
  • Use the First 5 App every day
  • Read a new book 
  • Prepare for my next Whole30 round :) 

Wishing you the very best March ever! xoxo