My Whole30 Journey: The Beginning

Disclaimer: I am a Whole30 novice. I don't own the book [but my sister does!]. I did some research, read the Whole30 approved dos and don'ts on their website, but that's all I know. So if you're reading this and you're like -- you're not doing it right! -- Forgive me. I'm trying! You'll also probably just want to quit reading this series, because let's be real - I am not perfect and this will not be perfect. Progress, not perfection, am I right?'s happening. I'm facing the fear because IT HAS TO BE DONE. 

I'm going for the Whole30. Officially. Like, blog official. I'm doing 30 days with only the natural basics: veggies, fruits, meats and NO SUGAR [and the loss of a bunch of other stuff like legumes and starches].  

Let's get real for a minute -- I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out after looking at me one time, that I am addicted to food.

I rarely get more happy than when I have birthday cake in front of me!! 

I rarely get more happy than when I have birthday cake in front of me!! 

Do I have underlying health problems that cause rapid weight gain and difficult loss? Yes. [PCOS, read about it here!] Do I ever try to be healthy with my eating? Yes, yes, yes. There are some days that I choose my food really well, and days that I don't overindulge. But then there's those other days....well, let's just say that my stomach has no limits when it comes to donuts. And when do I want carb loaded, delicious delicacies? When I am stressed and anxiety ridden. Which, if you don't know from most posts that I write, is ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

I know I have to make changes in my relationship with food and focus on my health before I am going to be able to make other, even more substantial changes in my life. I want to do the things I outlined in my life audit. I want to be better, and do better.

So rewind to last summer. My sister challenged my Mom and myself to do the Whole30 challenge with her. I'll explain what this is a moment, if you don't know. I was all for it, until it started to become a reality, and I just did not have the willpower or the mind set to pursue it. I think I lasted 3 days or something. I got a sinus infection, and I plain quit. I don't regret it, it as just not my time.

However, my Mom and sister continued on with their journey, and it made a huge positive impact on their lives. They both lost weight, they felt more energized, and it made a lot of physical improvements for my Mom, by eliminating foods that were apparently causing pain and swelling triggers in her body. They both really benefited from the experience - so much so, that they have done the Whole30 program on and off over the past 5 months or so.

I was unable to finish last summer. Or really, I was unable to start. My mind was never in it, and I was sabotaging internally before I even started. I felt like a failure because I couldn't handle it. Could I really not doing so simple for just 30 days? #foreverfatandunhealthy

But now I realize, I have to be easy on myself. This is not an simple thing, giving up something I look forward to every day - food I enjoy. It's complicated and emotional, and I have to recognize that I am not perfect, so I can't expect perfection from myself. Should I have done it last year? Yes, probably. But that time is gone and here we are now...and I'm all in. I want to prove to myself that I have accomplish it. Even if I end up hating it, or gaining nothing from it, I'll at least have that feeling of accomplishment and goal achievement.

However, I have an inkling that I have food allergies. And once and for all, I'm going to find out how my body responds to clean, less inflammatory foods. 

What is the Whole30?

The Whole30 is not a weight-loss diet. It is 30 days of lifestyle change.  Specific food groups are eliminated from your diet in order to identify food allergies and intolerances, and it serves as a clean reset for your body. For 30 full days, you stay away from grains, sugar, legumes and some other foods [Read about it all here!]. Basically it's back to basics - UBER HEALTHY and good for you, bottom line - the things God intended for our bodies to have because it's natural. Even if it doesn't cause your whole life to change in the end, the Whole30 challenge can still be an amazing exercise in self discipline, with the focus being on a healthy lifestyle. 

Why am I excited about the Whole30?

I mean, I'm not excited about losing my morning latte and my chocolate and pasta. How can you be excited about something like that?! Sometimes, I feel like that's one of the happiest parts of my day. But, I'm moderately excited about this for a few reasons....

  • It's a challenge [goals, goals, goals!]
  • No calorie counting [a thousand times yes!]
  • No weighing during the 30 days [infinity yes!] 

You're not supposed to be focusing on weight loss, so I'll not constantly be worrying and feeling like a failure because of the scale. If I'm eliminating the foods, focusing on the good foods I'm eating, and staying true to the guidelines, my body will adjust in all the positive ways. 

What do I hope happens to me during the Whole30?

I have some specific goals: 

  • Increased energy
  • Less "heavy feeling" [anyone else have this, like you're walking through water?]
  • Lose weight
  • Less pain in my body joints & bones 
  • Lessen the impact of PCOS symptoms

I feel like I turned 31 and my body started to slowly show me that is was in decay. Some days I feel like every bone is in pain, and I'm having a hard time keeping all the different aches at bay. It's very sad. Hoping that all my sacrifices will help ease some of my turmoil! 

I'll be doing a journal of my Whole30 experience here on the blog!

I plan to post every week to give a recap of what I ate, how I felt, and all the tips and tricks I find along the way. [The goal is to also have some more content during the next 30 days that isn't Whole30 related.]

I am so curious to see how this whole thing makes me feel. Totally looking at it like a science experiment at this point. Praying and hoping this is worth all the toasted marshmallow lattes that I am passing up every morning!

When you read this, I'll already be a week in. Please check and make sure I'm still alive. [haha, but no really] Or, wait for my week 1 recap which should be out sometime this coming weekend.

Follow my journey! I'll be so happy to have you along!