January Favorites + Month In Review


Let's be honest ... January is the Monday of the year.

It's cold and dreary, and unless it is snowing, the overall feel of January just makes me feel so down in the dumps. Hence my new lock screen....who doesn't love Ron Swanson?

Park and Recreation!

Park and Recreation!

That's right ... don't even care. Which is funny to me, because it's the antithesis of everything that happens inside of my body. I care about EVERYTHING. It's complicated. 

Anyway, January brought some pretty snow to Kentucky, which Molly was obsessed with. She likes to go around and lick it off the ground, and just run around in it. She's a weird one.

Penelope wants nothing to do with that white crap. She just wants to be warm, in front her heater.

My spirit pet, Gus, has the same attitude as me. [haha!]

He's simply priceless! 

He's simply priceless! 

I started the Whole30 on January 25, one week ago, and it's been tough. ...But I'm starting to see some positives! You can read all about the beginning here, and I'll have a recap of week 1 published on Saturday! 

I didn't blog any in December, and January doesn't add a lot of inspiration, you know? But I got lots of exciting plans and posts in progress for February! Make sure you're following me on facebook, instagram or twitter so you can get updates when I post! [I am most active on the instagram, including the occasional insta story! My handle is @charitybethm]

Without further adieu, here's some of my January favorites! 

Gain Moonlight Breeze


Move over Downy! I picked up the Gain Moonlight Breeze fabric softener because it was on sale. I have been enjoying the warm, soothing scent, a nice mix of vanilla and lavender to me. Not too strong, but relaxing and soft A great find! You can smell it on the fabric even after days of sitting in the closet, which I love.

Tanya's Christmas Book

a cheerful life blog january favorites tanya burr christmas

I bought a book about Christmas with my Christmas money! I'm pretty obsessed with British lifestyle guru, Tanya Burr. Her latest book, Tanya's Christmas, has so many great holiday ideas! I love reading all about British foods and traditions. I can't wait to whip it back out next holiday season and try out some of her recipes [after I figure out how to convert grams to cups and ounces?]

All the Podcasts

I'm always searching for new podcasts to listen to, as evidenced by past monthly favorites. They are just so perfect to listen to at work, it's like someone telling you an amazing story, or watching a good documentary. A few I have found this month....Disney Story Origins, Dirty John, Once Upon A Crime, Up and Vanished. [Currently HOOKED on Up and Vanished!]

Torrid French Terry Knit Military Jacket


In the market for a new, stylish jacket? I love this soft knit French Terry Military Jacket by Torrid. A great buy! Currently on sale. It is light, so good also for Spring and Fall. 

Marshmallow & Embers Candleberry Candle


I bought the Marshmallows & Embers Candleberry Candle from a fundraiser, and I was pleasantly surprised! Although similiar to the popular Bath and Body works Marshmallow Fireside scent, this one is less spicy, more sweet. Not overpowering, and the candle burned forever. Love all Candleberry candles, be sure to peruse their website for deals! 

Yaluxe Leather Shoulder Bag


I used a bit of money I received for Christmas on this leather bag from Amazon. I was spying one from Madewell that I heard about from one of my very favorite bloggers, Kate from the Small Things Blog. But after I went and saw it in store, I was a little underwhelmed for the price. I compromised for this darker choice from a different off brand, which was much less pricey - and I'm loving it. It feels very sturdy, is big enough for all my crap, and looks oh so timeless and chic! A great buy so far. 

New TV Favorites

Cold winter is the perfect time for binge watching some tv, right? I finished off season one and two of Netflix's The Crown in a couple days during a recent snow, and became totally immersed. Claire Foy is amazing in her role as Queen, but all the acting is award winning in my book! Travis and I aso watched season one of The Good Place, with Kristen Bell and we loved it so much! Fun, humorous, unique, with some twists and turns. Not too serious, not too silly - just perfect. The Crown airs on Netflix, and The Good Place airs on NBC. 

Old Navy Vintage French Terry Sweatshirt

a cheerful life blog january favorites old navy plus sweatshirt

This soft, super cute sweatshirt from Old Navy has been my new jam! Check it out here.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

a cheerful life blog january favorites chocolate chip cookies

On one snowy day this January, pre-Whole30, I tried out this wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Host The Toast. I love cookies when they are the slightest bit chewy, and these were perfect. Highly recommended! 

Goals for February

  • Finish up the Whole30, round one  
  • Blog more! [I love it, it's just finding the down time!] 
  • Attend a local market [my sister and I have tickets! I'll at least have some pics on Insta]
  • Purge my kitchen cabinets 

Wishing you a February full of love and laughter! xoxo