My Fall Bucket List

Fall is my very favorite season, I love everything about it! First, there's the cooler temps - it's more comfortable, bugs start dying [pure bliss], and I can wear all the scarves and boots that my little heart desires. Second, there's the beautiful colors that are second to none. Third, HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! And there's much more to add to this list, but those are some of my main points. While I do understand that it is not *officially* fall yet, Starbucks is already servings PSLs, so it's basically here! :)  

My baby Penelope, last year, posing beside some pumpkins on our front stoop. 

My baby Penelope, last year, posing beside some pumpkins on our front stoop. 

Do I make a bucket list every fall? Yes, actually, I do! I always start around my birthday in August, plotting and planning what I want to do when the season changes. It always brings me such happiness! But like most things in my life, my plans and imaginations stretch far beyond what I accomplish. November always finds me wishing I'd done more to enjoy fall. 

This year I really want it to be different!

It's my hope that sharing the list here on the blog will help my "follow through" problem [think this could be applicable for the remaining sections of my life?? lol]. While some of these activities may be getting their own blog post, I will definitely be posting in a couple months about all of my seasonal adventures that I was able to enjoy from this list!  

Without further adieu, here's my fall bucket list for 2017 .... 

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This is pretty basic stuff, right? And really that's all I need - a few small ways to enjoy the season! 

Let me know what your plans for fall is in the comments! I am very curious to see how you enjoy this beautiful time of the year!