10 Modern Vintage Finds

I've been on a serious vintage kick lately! I've always really been attracted to retro vibes, but it feels like I've bumped it up a notch in the last little bit. This is thanks in part to a podcast I'll talking about in my July favorites. And really, lots of times, I've felt like I was born in the wrong era anyway! 

My favorite century glamorized would definitely be the 1940s! Victory curls, red lips, heels and stockings - give me that fashion era over anything available today! And the glorious music! Big Band, Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters, and on and on. And the movies! It's A Wonderful Life, The Philadelphia Story, His Girl Friday .... I really could make a list a mile long. Like I said, my view of the 1940s is obviously a glamorized version, but it is my favorite. 

So, in line with this current obsession, I've been doing some online window shopping! Vintage and retro - particularly mid century modern - are hot items in just about every place that I love to peruse. Here are some things that are on my wish list that I'd love to share with you!  

Besame Cosmetics

besame cosmetics modern vintage finds a cheerful life blog

I first heard about this brand on YouTube, through Emilynoel83 [here's a link to her channel, she's an awesome reviewer]. Based in Los Angeles, this cosmetic company specializes in showcasing the colors and reflecting the aesthetics of makeup from the 20th century, all while providing the upgraded quality and formulas of today's premiere cosmetics. It's the most intriguing and unique concept! While they have several different types of makeup products [including a new "pan-stik" type of foundation, a la pan makeup of the early cinema era], I find myself particularly drawn to their classic lipsticks! 

Red shades dominate the classic lipstick line, with a couple of berries and pinks thrown in. The best part, though, is that they are all produced from actual swatches of color that were available during a particular year of the past. For example, I am really digging the shades Red Velvet and Red Hot Red. Red Velvet was taken from a sample of actual color in 1946, and Red Hot Red was from 1959. It's a beautiful way to link the history between the past and present when it comes to fashion and makeup. 

The formula of these lipsticks are semi-matte, one coat coverage, and long lasting, with a beveled edge for lining. The lipstick tube is distinctly reminiscent of vintage lipsticks from the 30's and 40's. I find the whole concept fascinating and really can't wait to order! They are available on the Besame website, Sephora, and sometimes on ModCloth [which I mentioned in my May 2017 Favorites!]

Blueberry Pet Harnesses, Leashes, & Collars

I am all about the pet stuff, since I have two sweet, rotten furbabies. And while they probably didn't have a lot of pet paraphernalia options 70+ years ago, I am loving the vintage patterns on these harnesses, leashes, and collars from Blueberry Pet! 

blueberry pet collar turquoise floral print modern vintage a cheerful life blog

My favorite is the pattern above, the turquoise floral print. There are also other "vintage" looking patterns, such as ivory or pink floral prints, tribal print, and even retro airplanes! The harness, leashes, and collars have amazing reviews on Amazon, where you purchase them. Or, they have even more options for selection on their official website

Wouldn't my baby dogs look totes cute in that collar?!

Retro Board Games 

I adore board games! I have such fond memories of fun times with family and friends, playing classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship, etc. I really view these games as timeless. And now, they are available in this really cool, swanky retro style packaging. I think they are so unique and fun!

aggravation board game retro edition modern vintage a cheerful life blog

These are very affordable and would be great for children and adults alike. I think they would make an excellent gift! You can find these retro versions on Target, or you can even catch them on Amazon. If you need a good suggestion on what game to play to REALLY get to know people, play Aggravation! Although, I'm partial to Monopoly, and would love to get this version of it someday. 

Melamine Mixing Bowls 

I've had to do some extra research on Melamine. I knew it was considered "vintage retro", but wasn't sure why, and why it's not more prominent today. Chalk it up to my age and complete ignorance of the specifics of things, like radon and BPAs. 

Melamine first became popular in the late 1940's, especially for its inclusion in dinnerware, and produced items that would not break easily. However, apparently Melamine has earned an unfavorable name, due to it's supposed chemical properties being questionable for use in things that we touch and eat off of. But from all I have researched, as long as you don't heat up Melamine dishes and utensils and then serve off of them, you should be perfectly safe. 

Having said all that, what is old is new again, and one of the mainstays of a retro kitchen is, to some degree, going to involve melamine. This is one of my very favorite melamine finds - this large blue melamine batter bowl from World Market. 

world market melamine batter bowl modern vintage a cheerful life

This has an amazing retro aesthetic, and comes in other colors such as white and red. If you are interested in more retro kitchen items, definitely check out other things at World Market! 

Fliqlo Retro Clock Computer Screensaver

fliqlo screensaver vintage modern a cheerful life blog

Now how cool is this screensaver? It gives off a very vintage vibe, with it's use of the "flip style" clock. This can be easily downloaded online for free at this link. [Just be sure to avoid the fake Google Ads! There's no updates or anything required. If it says you need them, you've clicked the wrong download.] The above picture is the screensaver on my computer! 

U.S. National Park Service Vintage Travel Prints

While I am not particularly an "outdoorsy" girl, I love me some National Parks! So when I came across these replica circa 1938 National Park prints, I was instantly in love! How neat would these look framed and in an office?

national park vintage posters modern vintage a cheerful life blog

Can you image how much more these parks would have been cherished back when they were first promoted for use by the public? How amazing it would have been to enjoy the experience, without the full knowledge of what you were seeing before you decided to visit. Now we know where we're going, what trails exist, where to camp and how to locate the nearest public bathroom! I feel like these posters give ode to the days past of travel adventure. 

Yes, I'm getting sappy over vintage National Park posters. :)  

Holmes 6" Metal Desk Fan in Bronze

Yes, it's very true that in the world, you can still find metal desk fans from the early to mid-century that still do their job. However, if these old fans are in particularly great shape, they can be very pricey! So behold, the modern reinvention of the retro fan: 

holmes heritage 6" medium fan modern vintage a cheerful life blog

This whole series of fans by Holmes - the Heritage series - is based upon an old fan model. This particular 6" version stands out to me because of the bright bronze accents. Somehow it makes it come across even more vintage to me. It's compact for a desk, and has all the wiring and settings of a new "modern" fan. [Which, let's face it, fan workings probably haven't changed that much, but there's something to be said for new electrical wiring!]  

There are SO many options all across the internet for new fans that are styled in that classic, metal look! So if bronze isn't your thing, but are still interested in this particular touch of vintage, a quick Google shopping search with produce many more vintage fan models to choose from.

Elyse Silver-Tone Sapphire Color Cluster Button Earrings

Button earrings are my jam - I love them! I equate button earrings with classiness and a touch of vintage flair, much like the same thing a neck scarf or back-seamed stockings would do. 

A long time ago, I read about this website in a magazine called 1928.com. It is a jewelry company that sells pieces in the vintage, art deco style of the 1920's. They do pricier jewelry, but they also do fashion jewelry. There's a ton to choose from, and I love most of it! 

sapphire color cluster button earrings 1928 jewelry a cheerful life blog

These sapphire cluster button earrings have caught my eye. Yes, they are quite fancy and I am generally not a fancy person. However, how cute would these look with a flowy white top? [super cute, by the way]. Similarly, I can imagine them on the ears of a debonair flapper from the 1920s. If I ever decide to expand my fashion horizons, I will definitely look in this direction! 

Retro Chic Polka Dot Tie Front Poplin Swing Dress

Can this summer dress get any cuter?! The polka dots, navy blue, midi length, and poplin fabric gives off a 1950's backyard barbecue vibe. Sure, the tie front is super duper flashy - but that sexy detail and the small shoulder straps updates it to 2017.

retro chic polka dot poplin swing dress modern vintage a cheerful life blog

Torrid has a lot of great retro items for plus size girls like me. The junior/misses equivalent store in selection and price would be Hot Topic, where you can find a variety of retro options, like the very cute dress below! [I adore lemon print!] 

hot topic retro lemon print dress modern vintage a cheerful life blog

And of course, there is always the Queen online store of modern vintage to check for other vintage dresses -- Modcloth! 

Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

I've love hearing the stories from my grandma who grew up in rural Kentucky, and how they used to wear flour sack dresses in her youth. It's hard to imagine not being able to go out and buy clothing made of new fabric. One very updated way to bring this little bit of this nostalgic family heritage into my home is by having flour sack kitchen towels, which are currently very popular! 

I actually already have a couple of cheap flour sack kitchen towels, but they are stained from years of use [I think I got them soon after we got married? Yeah, that's 11 years!]. So it's time to look for some new ones, and I found that these really called to me: 

These are so pretty! And while they are pricey, they are hand made and have great reviews for quality on the etsy site. My favorite print is the magnolia version. Reminds me of Chip and Joanna! :) 

flour sack kitchen towel modern vintage a cheerful life blog

All of these things I would happily spend my money on! In an alternate world, I would spend every dime to surround myself with these types of possessions always, if only to be temporary transported into times gone by. Instead, I will snuggle down and watch classic movies, listen to vintage podcasts while working, and continue to relish in that part of me that is in love with nostalgia!

What vintage things would you incorporate into your daily life in 2017? Share in the comments!