Mini Homegoods Haul

When I am writing this, it's the rainiest Saturday and I LOVE IT! Perfect chill time, perfect time to do a post! 

My wonderful husband wanted desperately to go watch the new Fast and Furious movie from the comfort of a recliner at the movie theater in Lexington, and I was more than happy to oblige. I will never pass up an opportunity to go to Lexington! The choices of shopping and eating are just too much for my little materialistic heart to take. [haha] But since I had just went to a lot of my favorite stores just a couple weeks ago [read about it here], I decided to focus on one particular shopping theme -- the decor of our master bedroom. 

I've been trying to get this master bedroom together for years now. It's been a long hard road, and there are still many more miles to go. I decided that tacking on a trip to just one store after the movie would not make the night too long [yes, I'm tired on Fridays!]. All I could think about was coming across the perfect bedding, and maybe a nice chair for my amazing makeup station [I will be blogging about the station soon!]. Homegoods, I knew, would give me a good chance to stumble upon these things. 

As expected, Homegoods didn't disappoint me. And also as expected, I ended up buying way more things [I prefer treasures] than what I was going for! I tried REALLY hard to just buy things I knew I REALLY wanted, because there are parts of me that sometimes gets ideas and wants that are not very productive or necessary. One of these would be a large canvas picture that I stumbled across that said "coffee, instagram, email, repeat", which I was very in love with. But it made no sense, I had no where to put it. I refrained, but it was a challenge! Does anyone else have this problem? Just me? 

Here are the few items that I did pick up: 

suckerpunch pickles

Suckerpunch Gourmet Pickles, Spicy Bread n' Butter, $3.99 - I had found these pickles before only once at TJ Maxx, sometime last year. It's really hard when you fall in love with a gourmet food, only never to find them again [I chased the elusive quinoa Boom Chicka Pop puffs forever, pretty sure they don't make them anymore!]. So the second I saw these, I snatched them up! 

woodwick candle triple coconut

Woodwick Sugared Triple Coconut Candle, $9.99 - I love Woodwick candles for their signature crackling wick and the strong scents that don't bother my nose. This one smells amazing! It's very summery, like a tropic sunscreen. I also love the colors!

Ceramic Pup, $7.99 - I just couldn't pass this up, it looked too much like a dachshund! I can't resist anything that looks like my fur baby. And I love the gray, which is the theme color of our master bedroom. I'm hoping I can sit this on a dresser or something. [If we ever get new dressers. Sigh....sometimes it just feels like a project will never come together!]

hand towel

Hand towel, $5.99 - Simple enough purchase! We need more hand towels, they seem to wear out quickly, and sometimes disappear like sock...?!? I always get this greenish-blue color with white because it adequately goes with both of our bathrooms in the house. This one is very soft! 

soft gray throw homegoods

Mario Lorenzo Quatrefoil Throw, $14.99 - This throw is so freaking soft! It feels like heaven against your skin, not one speck of stiffness. I purchased it to compliment the grand purchase....

isaac mizrahi king quilt

Isaac Mizrahi Quatrefoil King Quilt, $49.99 - This was perfect for the master bedroom! I had struggled with the desire to buy a solid white quilt, which would look so nice with our gray walls. But I knew that with Penelope's favorite cuddling spot being our bed, there would be black doxie hair showing up on the white constantly, and it would be too much for my OCD to handle. So I let that dream die. This one was Travis approved [he knows I like to be overly girly sometimes, so I try to make these joint decisions], and I really did love the pattern. We could not find the matching shams [so sad!] and an online search hasn't yielded any results, so I guess I will be going next on the great hunt for pillows and/or pillow covers in a shade of gray that will match! 

cute mug

Extremely Cute Mug, $4.99 - and heaven forbid that I go to a home store and not find at least one favorite mug to bring back with me! Home is where the coffee brews....amen.

Yes, sometimes Homegoods can still be a little pricey for "closeout" products, but when the products are such great quality, it's sometimes worth paying the same that you would pay at a store like Walmart or Target. There were so many good things that I saw, I could barely focus to shop adequately! It's a little disorganized and cluttered, but it's also the perfect set up for a home decor treasure hunt that is memorable and fruitful. 

Have you ever been to Homegoods? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them! :) 


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