March 2017 Favorites

Here is a list of a few great things that I discovered this month!

1. DW Home Calming Waves Candle - I really do not care for sea-scented candles, I don't enjoy the scents and they usually give me a headache! But this one is an exception. It is less herbal or soapy, more soft and feminine. A combo of citrus, white cedar and musk. I purchased this at the first of the month at my local TJ Maxx, but they are still available at the DW Home website. I've had many DW candles before, and they do not make me sick, and burn for a long time.

DW Home Candle

2. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins [Healthy Version!] - I came across this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it. Although it was actually for a loaf, I made muffins, halving the baking time. This was the first thing I've tasted with coconut flour that I actually liked! There is no sugar added, which is amazing. It will never replace a buttery muffin, but they are still very good! 

LC Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

3. Postmates - I tried this delivery service while staying in Nashville. You can read about my experience with it here! I wish we had this or something like this in my area, but unfortunately we do not. I've since found out through research that the service really is only centered around the twenty or so largest cities in the US. But I am glad that I got the opportunity to try it! 

postmates screen

4. The First 5 App - From the website: "The vision for First 5 was developed by Proverbs 31 Ministries in order to connect a woman’s heart to God’s Word the First 5 minutes of her day. First 5 will wake you up with a short teaching first thing in the morning, so you can exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world."

This app is very simple, beautifully designed and has varied content. I've been using this almost every morning before I leave for work, and it gets my mind centered where it should be.

I was fortunate enough to hear the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa Terkeurst, speak last month at a local women's event [read about it here!]

Photo Mar 25, 10 29 30 PM.png

6. Juvia's Place Nubian 2 Palette - I ordered this eye shadow palette from Hautelook, and although it seemed to take FOREVER to come in [I think 2 weeks?], it was well worth the wait! The colors are absolutely stunning. They are extremely pigmented and stay on all day without fading. There's little to no fallout when applying. I love the Ancient Egypt art packaging, and the themed colors have helped to broaden my makeup horizons. Highly recommended!


7. Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato - Starbucks is not better than many local coffee joints I've visited, but I always do enjoy their macchiatos. I had never had a cinnamon-flavored coffee drink before, but when I ordered this to sip on while driving back from Nashville, I was instantly in love! It is so good, creamy and not too sweet. A definite new favorite! 

8. Becca Backlight Priming Filter - I received a deluxe version of this with an Ulta order this month, after wanting to try it out for so long. I wish I would not have waited! A small amount creates a nice glow that is natural and beautiful. It really does help my makeup stay on longer. I feel like this will be a new staple, and I just luckily scored this for half off the normal price during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale! [I may or may not have bought 2...]

9. Postmodern Jukebox - My friend sent me a link to this song just yesterday, and of course after I saw "vintage music" in the description, I was instantly sucked in, and now I am full on obsessed! They use a variety of amazing singers to cover modern songs in vintage 30's, 40's and 50's big band/jazz style, and it's the best thing that I have heard in a long time! This one is one of my favorite selections so far, with my favorite singer, too! 


 What cool things have you discovered this month? Let me know!