My Favorite Products for Thin Hair

Finding great products for thinning hair can be difficult, but I am here to tell you that it is not impossible! 

A couple years ago, my hair really began to start thin on the crown of my head. Unfortunately, it seems to be very slowly continuing. My terrible habits of coloring, teasing, and damaging my hair in other various ways has been partially to blame. But mainly it has been because of my own body working against me in the form of PCOS and varying hormonal swings. My hair was very thick when I was young, and it's been hard watching it change so drastically. Although I have taken a few steps to eliminate my harmful choices (reduced teasing, regular hair care routine, medications, and overall healthier changes), I have had to come to terms that I will never really have natural volume again. 

So after many months of trial and error, sampling many different hair products across the full spectrum of price points, I have finally narrowed down some gems that have worked well for my thin, limp, yet moderately course hair. All of these products featured I have repurchased and implemented into my regular hair care routine.

You can find most of these products at Ulta, Amazon, Walmart, or various online retailers. 

1.  Redken Fizz Dismiss Smooth Force / $22 - I found this product through a sample from Ulta. It has been a game changer when it comes to pesky fly aways and ridiculous static. Just a couple sprays of throughout my damp hair before blow drying keeps the static action at a much lower level. It aids with smoothing all day long, even in diverse weather conditions, like minimizing the humidity induced effects of a hot summer's day. The SPF included would be very helpful if you spend an exorbitant time in the sun! 

2. Redken Fashion Collection Stay High 18 / $24 - I promise this is not a Redken ad! This is a new product I decided to try just a couple months ago and fell in love with it. It sprays out in a gel, and you emulsify it in your hands. I apply it to the roots only [or try to, anyway]. While blow drying, it creates a ton of volume that seems to last for quite a while - but what I love the most is that it gives me much more control when styling, without making the hair too stiff or frizzy. I would recommend it only for those who was some serious volume. 

3. OGX Thick + Full Biotin & Collagen Weightless Healing Oil Mist / $6 -  I work through this spray like nobody's business! I apply it to my whole head directly after every wash, and sometimes put a spray or two on my dry hair to add shine. It does not weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. And it smells amazing, just like cotton candy! 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Exotic & Coconut Tropical / $8 - If you've ever tried to find a good dry shampoo, you know some are just horrible. I bought a couple of drugstore brands that were so sticky and powdery that they were unusable and had to be trashed. When I purchased a Batiste sample at TJ Maxx, I was skeptical, especially as a light layer of white powder shot out upon application. But I followed the instructions and worked it lightly into my roots with my fingers, let it set for a couple minutes, brushed out any residue, and said voila to refreshed hair at a decent price! It can also add great volume and texture on freshly washed hair. The tropical scent is by far the best, in my opinion! 

5. Living Proof Restore Hair Mask / $42 - This hair mask part of the "Restore" Living Proof hair products, and I have not used any of the other offerings in the Restore line, so I cannot vouch for them. And I know that the price makes you want to pass out. Thankfully, you can usually find this much cheaper [sometimes 1/2 off] on Amazon. This is definitely a luxury product. It also is not a product meant to be used everyday, or really even really every other wash. It is more like "my hair is so dry I'm going die" circumstances that causes me to whip this out. But it is fantastic! I put this on in the shower after I have shampooed, and concentrate solely on the ends of the hair. I leave it on throughout the rest of my shower - face washing, shaving or whatever - and rinse before I get out. It is softening and hydrating, and worth having around for those times with your strands need TLC. 

6. Redken Power Grip 03 / $16 - I know, I know, another Redken product. But this mattifying hair texture powder is THE BEST. I used to be stuck on the Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust, but the product line was discontinued [insert sad face], and after trying out a couple of cheaper options [Not Your Mother's comes to mind, which was terrible], I picked this up and found it to be the most comparable to the Mega Dust. Applying this to the roots on my freshly washed and dried hair gives me instant lift and texture, and creates the ideal canvas for teasing! A little goes a very long way, and one bottle seems to last months. If you do accidentally dump too much out, you better either A. start brushing or B. just wash your hair and start over, because your hair will be too matte and unmanageable.

7. OGX Thick + Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner / $8 -  I wish that I could go back in time and save ALL the money that I wasted on trying out different voluminous shampoos and conditioners. I fell in love with the Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner, but the price tag was just too much for me to bear, and the search continued on. When I found this set - which was before the matching healing oil mist - I was pleased as a peach! First of all, as earlier stated, all of the biotin and collagen products in this line smell like cotton candy, which is delicious. Secondly, they give me everything I am looking for - volume at the root, while maintaining softness. The only drawbacks I've found is that I am not entirely sure these are color safe, as the shampoo does contain sulfate. The packaging does not make reference to being color safe, so it's fair to say they are probably not. Using the set doesn't seem to make my hair fade any faster than normal, but that's just me. I also do enjoy the shampoo more than the conditioner. I would put the conditioner on par with any other mid-priced voluminous conditioner.

8. SalonChic 8" Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb / $4 - I cannot live without this simple, plastic comb. It is a true teasing queen, with three rows of teeth and a pointed end to help section off hair. It is stiff for great control, it is sturdy enough to hold up to a firm grip. It's also comes clean very easily! 

9. It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product / $18 - I have been out of this for quite a while, but I'm thinking about repurchasing soon! A hair stylist turned me on to this spray when I had a short cut and wanted that straight, smooth, sleek look. I do not like to use this when my hair is wet, and I do not like to use this if my hair is already styled. I mostly spray this on after blow drying and before flat ironing or curling. It is lightweight and provides that shine and healthy appearance without added weight that I am always searching for. 

10. Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 / $26 - I want to sing that song "It Had To Be You" whenever I see this hairspray. Or excuse me, volume spray. The hold this product provides to my hair is unreal. I can go out in the sprinkling rain, or a light snow, or on a windy day, and my hair will keep it's volume. I walked through downtown Nashville in the rain [with an umbrella, thankfully] and gusting winds, down an entire block. When I went to the bathroom to check out my hair, and perhaps lament about all it had been through, I still had some decent style! It makes teasing last ALL DAY. No other spray can compare to me! It's pricey, but a little goes a long away, like many of these voluminous products. 

Honorable Mentions 

There are many more hair products out there I want to try. But all of these favorites have really helped me feel more confident with the hair problems I have been dealt.  

What are your favorite hair products? I would love to know!