Plenty To Be Thankful For

Have you ever seen the 1942 classic, Holiday Inn? It's one of my very favorite movies in the history of ever! 

I am such a classic movie lover! 

I am such a classic movie lover! 

As you can probably guess, this musical by the famous composer Irving Berlin involves an inn and holidays, Thanksgiving being one of them. It even has its own song - I love to hear the low crooning of Bing Crosby reminding me that I have plenty to be thankful for. 

Whether or not this genre of music is your cup of tea, you have to admit that the lyrics are beyond true. There are so many times, where I feel like I don't have anything to feel overwhelmingly thankful for. I am so focused on everything that is wrong or out of place, that I cannot clearly see where my blessings lie.

It doesn't have to be large, grandiose, "above and beyond" things that we hold in high esteem. Sometimes it is the small things - having all my senses, being able to afford all the things that I need, having freedom that so many other humans in the world are denied - that deserve recognition and reflection.

I won't deny that I have been dealt some raw deals in life. Perhaps you have, also. Most people have at least one thing that wants to eclipse the abundance of blessings that are all around them. But I encourage you, and myself, to put aside the adversity, heartache, or longing, and seek out those things which presently exist, blessings we may not normally consider. Let's place high value on the many minute things that we think we deserve. Because honestly, we are promised nothing in this life save for a relationship with God, hope for the hereafter, and the basic needed elements to live if He so wills. Everything else that we possess is just another free gift, no matter how small.

Sign available  here  from  Hobby Lobby . 

Sign available here from Hobby Lobby

So my short thankful list this year revolves around my small things: An abundance of family and friends. Decent health and use of all my faculties. A beautiful world full of willow trees, ocean waves, and all sorts of unique creation. Freedom. Knowledge. A warm cup of coffee on a cold morning. A smile on a loved one's face. Those in my life who love me unconditionally. The gift of another day to experience things that so many others are deprived of.

For all these small things and the oh so much more that follows them ... I am grateful and thankful this Thanksgiving season.