Speedy Halloween: 7 Quick & Easy Party Ideas

I am just going to be honest - I am only a recent fan of Halloween. When I was growing up, we did the traditional Halloween rituals: dress up, trick or treat, and sorting mounds of candy. I dressed up as a cat, a bunny, a cheerleader, a princess, and a few other things I can no longer remember. I hated going to people's houses and asking for the candy [too shy for that!], but I loved coming home and sorting it all out in piles on the floor. I loved doing that almost as much as eating it! Halloween was always fun in my youth, but as I got older and the candy/dress up was largely over, it lost its appeal. 

Me in my innocent youth, dressed as an incredibly adorable bunny that I'm pretty sure my Mamaw made for me! I'm proud to say, all of my costumes were homemade throughout the years! [but not quite this elaborate! lol] 

Me in my innocent youth, dressed as an incredibly adorable bunny that I'm pretty sure my Mamaw made for me! I'm proud to say, all of my costumes were homemade throughout the years! [but not quite this elaborate! lol] 

Now that I've been a [semi-successful] adult for a while, I can feel the holiday taking shape in my own way. Travis and I don't have children in our lives yet, and even my youngest sisters are past the trick or treat age. But I've realized that I can take Halloween and use it as a time for togetherness and fun. I don't enjoy horror, blood, or scary stuff - mainly because my soft heart can't take it and I try to keep my anxiety low these days. Yet I do feel like I can take any time and make it fun and enjoyable in a positive way, much like trick or treating used to feel as a kid. 

Hence, the mini-Halloween trick or treat party was born! 

For the past few years, my immediate family has gathered at our house to give out candy in the neighborhood. Sometimes we dress up a little, sit outside and greet all the costumed young ones as they walk up and down the street, getting their goodies. I always fix some food for us [fall themed, usually], and we often watch a semi-scary movie or action movie. It's fun, it's togetherness, it's spending time with people I love. I'll never pass up an opportunity to do that, and I adore that it has become a tradition. 

So maybe you've been wondering what you can do with your family and/or friends for Halloween this year. Most of all, like me, you're probably wondering what is something that you can do that is low maintenance and/or last minute? Let's be honest, doing anything during the week is tough with school and work, and Halloween often falls on a weekday. Yet you still want to make the holiday special without really making it about just spooks. It can be done! 

 Here are a few quick ideas that you could use to create your own Halloween night traditions and fun! 

1. Throw a Backyard Bonfire

If you have the means and the space, this is always a great option! Build a nice fire, sit out some campfire roasting sticks [you can find them at Walmart] and smore fixings, and just enjoy each other's company in front of the glowing warmth. 

2. Decorate Just One Little Room or Area

If you're having people over for a particular occasion, it's easy to feel like decorating is a chore. But if you just put a few festive touches in one room [maybe where the food is?], you can bet, that is more than enough for people to enjoy themselves! 

3. Make "Desserts to Die For"  

Don't have time to make an entire meal? That's perfectly fine! Have everyone who's coming over bring a dessert. You could even have a contest of who makes the goriest dessert! [Have you seen this cat litter cake? Ew.]

4. Costume Contest

This could be awesome, because it requires little to no work on your part! Invite everyone to come over dressed up, and vote on the best costume. Make a pumpkin or some store bought cookies as your first place prize. Low prep, lots of fun! Peruse Pinterest for some awesome, low cost costume ideas!  

5. Decor Kids Can Make

Don't have time or money to spend buying lots of decorations? Put the kids to work! I have always thought that this was the most simple, but cutest, decorating idea: creepy mice for your stairs! Also, the making of these mummy jars or other Halloween jar crafts is also something kid-friendly! 

6. Chili Cookoff

This is another competition, if your guests are more into food and not so much into costumes. Have everyone bring a pot of their favorite chili and create a tasting contest. Here are some in-depth instructions on how to conduct a typical chili cookoff, but you can also go the easy route and just ask everyone to vote for their favorite!  

7. Use This Halloween Spotify Playlist

Set the mood by using this playlist that I made, which includes some spooky vintage tunes and some traditional favorites! 

So there you have it, just a few quick and easy Halloween ideas that I had rolling around in my brain! Hopefully you can put these to some good use, if you're stuck for ideas. Whatever your plans, be safe and remember to enjoy the season! It only comes around once a year.